VIP Toyota Commuter Van Toyota Commuter high-roof wide body Van. 10 comfortable passenger seats without luggage or 7 passenger seats with 7 luggage and small hand carries..
Toyota Camry - 2011 For 2 -3 person.
AAA offer our new Toyota Camry, registered year 2011. Safe and more save, comfortable for sightseeing tours, trip around north Thailand, or business visit..
Leather seats Our standard van with
economic price on leather seats.
VIP Van on normal seats position
Large size and safety with all seat-belts installed. Comfortable seats for sightseeing tours, golfing day, trip around Thailand, or business trip out of city visit..
Special set up for business trip
Front rolls seats can adjust backward position to face the second roll seats. Small table setup to place the computer notebook or others. DC coverter ready to plug in.
Decoration Our VIP vans are decorated with
full amenities, on roof, on seats and many mores,.
Adjustable seats Side look with small table setup
Inside look Full amenities ; Stereo, LCD monitor, air-conditioning, ajustable seats and many mores.
Back space capacity Large room to place large luggage, equipments or golf clubs. Back roll seats can slide up foward to make large room if require.