Bangkok-River Kwai

Discover the most beautiful floating market from Thailand and Kanchanaburi. Visit here the world famous Bridge on the River Kwai, the war-cemetery, JEATH war-museum and train ride on the "death railway".  Discover the city of Sanklaburi  where you have the chance to go over the border to Myanmar. The Erawan National Park is very well known of beautiful waterfall. The temple of Nakhon Phathom, which claim to be one of the highest Chedi (temple tower) in the world.

Day 1 : Bangkok - River Kwai

Morning drive out to visit the floating market at Damnoen Saduak, one of a provincial district of Rajburi Province. The Floating Market at Damnoen Saduak is routinely crowded with hundreds of vendors and purchasers floating in their small rowing boats selling and buying or exchanging their goods. What they purchase are particularly food, fruit and vegetable which mostly brought from their own orchards.

Most people live densely along both sides of the canal from one end of the canal to another. The majority of this people are agriculturists, they grow several different kinds of fruit and vegetable for examples oranges, grapes, papayas, cabbages, bean, onion and etc.

Continue on by road approximately one hour away to visit Kanchanaburi.  Upon arrival, suggest to visit JEATH war museum, and then Allied war cemetery and the bridge over the River Kwai.   Don't miss the opportunity to take a  train ride over the actual Bridge over the kwai river and on the "death Railway" 

Day 2 : River Kwai - Sanklaburi

Breakfast in the Jungle restaurant. With a long-tailed boat upstream the Kwai river proceed to visit the scenic waterfall of Sai Yok Yai, about 20 km north of the hotel. At the waterfall you can enjoy a swim in the fresh water.   On the way, if time permit, a stop suggest to visit the lava cave.  Continue westwards to the visit three Pagoda Pass, the border between Thailand and Myanmar. Sanklaburi is a small border town with influence of Burma. You will stay overnight at a hotel in town or in a raft hotel at your own choice.

Day 3 : Sangklaburi
After breakfast, morning begins with a visit at beautiful Burmese temple style . Walk over the wooden bridge, which connects Sanklaburi with a stop should be made at the Meo hilitribe village.    Here the opportunity to enjoy elephant ride through the jungle and the deep forest.

Day 4 : Sangklaburi - River Kwai

Morning drive out 18 km to the border of Myanmar.  In general, foreigners can get a day pass to enter Myanmar to the border to visit the village.  The village have market where you can buy a local products makes from Burma and China.  Afternoon return back to Kanchanaburi for overnigt.

Day 5 : River Kwai - Bangkok

The Erawan National Park is the next point that you should not be missed to visit. See the Erawan waterfall and have a short jungle trip. In the afternoon, on the way back to Bangkok, stop can be made to visit the tallest Chedi  in the world. Late afternoon return back to Bangkok City.