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The best way to learn about their culture, custom traditions and back ground of their history.  Explore the magical land with the suggestion the itinerary below  to discover Thailand "The most exotic country in Asia"

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Sukhothai :  is the first truly independent ofThai kingdom since 1238. historical artifacts have demonstrated that Thai culture, most particularly the Thai alphabet and Thai language, originated in Sukhothai..
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  The Erawan Shrine

In 1953 the Thai Hotel and Tourism Co. started the construction of Erawan Hotel. When it was near completion in 1956, the management consulted an astrologer for an auspicious date for its grand opening. As it turned out, the astrologer pointed out that the date when the foundation stone was laid was not suitable, and advised that a Brahman shrine and a guardian spirit shrine should be built to correct the error. The management brought in the Dept. of Fine Arts to design and build the statue of Brahma according to the traditions of the department. The gilded plaster statue was enshrined at the Erawan Hotel on November 9, 1956. Both Thais and foreign visitors come to pay their respects at the Shrine, which is widely known as the Erawan shrine. The number of worshippers is increasing every year. They come to pray to Brahma to grant their wishes, or simply to enjoy the exotic sights, sounds and atmosphere.

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