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The best way to learn about their culture, custom traditions and back ground of their history.  Explore the magical land with the suggestion the itinerary below  to discover Thailand "The most exotic country in Asia"

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Sukhothai :  is the first truly independent ofThai kingdom since 1238. historical artifacts have demonstrated that Thai culture, most particularly the Thai alphabet and Thai language, originated in Sukhothai..
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  Bird Watching

Although bird-watching has been a popular activity among Thais for many years, it is only relatively recently that overseas visitors have recognized the potential of this fascinating pastime. In total, almost one thousand different species of birds some local, others migrating here have been spotted in Thailand.

Most of Thailand’s national parks offer good opportunities for bird-watching. WAT PHAILOM Set in Pathum Thani, this riverside location is where such varieties as the Asian open bill stork can be seen between November and April.

This vast area in southern Thailand is the largest inland body of water in Thailand, and is rich in water bird life. As a result, it draws people from all over the world to see Thailand’s indigenous birds and species coming to the area from further field. Long-tail boats with small and relatively quite outboard engines can be hired with or without a driver at reasonable cost from several points around the lake, such as the Post Office pier. Visitors may also access this same area from the town of Pattalung. Khu Khut Waterfowl Park, part of which is a non hunting area, is home to flocks of waterfowl.

Bird-watching season is between November and February. KHAO YAI NATIONAL PARK 318 migrant and resident bird species have been identified. KAENG KRACHAN Kaeng Krachan in Petchburi, is Thailand’s largest national park but still relatively unknown. Bird watchers can look for more than 250 confirmed species, among them the great hornbills and gray peacocks.

DOI INTHANON NATIONAL PARK Set in Chiang Mai, this park is extremely popular with bird-watchers, and more that 383 species have been reported. PHRU TO DAENG FOREST Located in Narathiwat, this is considered to be the largest peat swamp forest in Thailand. It is also abundant in wildlife and rare natural forest.

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